Our life is full of happiness and fun .There are many Conditions in our life.In some part of our life we are happy,and some part part of life are not happy and good for  us.As there are many people around us who love us.And sometimes when e are sad they try to remove our pains and try to make us happy.So for making us happy they try different things so that we overcome from the pain and live a happy and healthy life.They try to make us happy by taking us somewhere near and by making some fun with us.Given Below are 25 Happy Chuck Norris Jokes

So fun is the quickest way of making others happy.You can also win the hearts of others with your fun and care.When no nobody is with you and you are very sad in life you can also visit different websites related to fun and happiness.You need to live a happy life.You should try to forget all the pains of your past and try to live a healthy life.Here below are some of the mind blowing and smart collection of the Chuck Norris Jokes you can download them and can share them with others to make them happy.

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