Along with trust, devotion and sacrifice, there are also other things that strengthen the relationship of love and care. And among these things, jokes and having fun are almost on the top. When you are so much in trouble and surrounded by the uneven things, you need some time to take rest and refresh it. Alongside you want to be with your best friends and family members to share your feelings and to have some fun. And in the company of friends, it is not possible that every meeting goes without giggles and laughs. It is not possible that there is no joke, no riddle and no quotes. As truly said by The Maugles:

A friend is someone who will bail you of jail. A best friend is the one sitting next to you saying, boy was that fun.

Joke can small gesture, a word, a phrase, a sentence even a conversation, but the compulsory thing about all these is, it must make you smile and giggle. And it should not have any feeling about sarcasm. Rather it should be like a recipe of fun. Jokes are the ways to make a sad person smile, not to make a smiling person sad.

Here are 25+ Comical Short Jokes, also see “25 Mind Blowing Funny Jokes“, have fun and share it:

47Dad! Your Gun