Life is very beautiful which teaches us many lessons from the start of our life till the end of our life.Man start learning how to live in this world.We believe that the life is very beautiful but in real world the life is not easy thing to live.Life is also full of pains and hardships.Sometimes we are happy and some times we are sad.So life is not only a happy thing.It also gives us pain and some pains are very big which are not easy to remove.But there exist many people around us who try to make us happy and try to remove our pains and try to help us over coming all the bad things of life.

Making other happy is very important in life.You cant live happy if you only try to make yourself happy.You need to look around you.Around you there are many people who are sad and have nothing in life.You need to help these types of people and try to make them happy.There are many ways of making others happy.You can help them.You can do something more cool for them.Also make your friends happy.And You can make your facebook friends happy by using different emoticons and smileys.So here below I am going to share 50+ top level and exclusive collections of the facebook emoticons for you.Download those facebook emoticons and also try to make other happy with them.

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