Every nation like to celebrate its independence day. Independence Day is the day of freedom of any nation. Independence Day of United States of America is celebrated in America on 4th of July every year. 4th of July is the public holiday in America. The Independence of USA was declared in 4th July 1776 from the British. The celebrations of the Independence Day starts with the firework and followed by the parades, concerts and reunions. It is also called as the national day of USA. As this is a government holiday so all the institutes are off all over the America.

Different people celebrates this event differently. Some people or families like to go for picnics and invite others to their home so that they can enjoy holiday in great way with the family or by going to trip by taking full advantage of the holiday. Decorations are the part of the celebrations. Normally different organizations decorate their buildings with beautiful colours which includes the colour of the American flags. Different parades are arranged in the time of morning in important area of the country where special guests are invited and they pay great tribute to the people who lost their lives while working for the armed forces. National anthem is the part of all the events arrange on 4th July. People have great liking for the fireworks on the independent day which are held in different states and people visit different places to enjoy the firework. Salute to the Union is another important thing which occurred during the Independence Day every year which is a salute of one gun to every state of USA. An important festival which is organized on 4th July named as Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival.

Those people who are far away from the country use different types of images and cards to wish each other independent day. In this article you will get best collections of the happy independence day images. These all are the best pictures you can use to wish others on Independence day. So download these and share them on your social media accounts to wish those people who are far away from you.

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