Women have been using makeup to enhance their beauty for centuries. It is said that Queen Cleopatra used cosmetics over 5,000 years ago! Women of this time used the pigments from local plants, minerals and rocks to help them look more beautiful. Cleopatra used lipstick and rouge created from clay. She painted her fingernails with henna created from the Egyptian privet tree.

Makeup has always been a way to perfect your looks and hide what you may not find so appealing. Cosmetics give you confidence. They help you not only look beautiful to yourself but to draw the rewards that beauty brings. Luckily, today’s women don’t have to forage in the woods to find ingredients for their makeup. Cosmetics have come a long way since Cleopatra’s time.

Foundation is the basis of all makeup. It provides the surface for all the rest of your makeup. Modern day foundations are a million times better than the pan stick applications of your mother’s era. Today’s foundations come in gel, liquid and even powder forms. A good foundation evens out your skin tone. A foundation with sunscreen also provides protection against harmful UV rays. The right base adds a radiance to your complexion and makes your skin appear flawless. You’re the only one who needs to know the imperfections it hides!

Everyone want to look their best for every special event, but some are certainly more special than others. Here are makeup looks and ideas to help you get the perfect look for every event. Prom, Homecoming, an engagement party, a special night out, even your own wedding. Match these makeup looks to compliment your outfit and you’ll be dressed to impress yourself and your admirers. Cleopatra would be proud.

Halloween Makeup

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