Memorial day is the public holiday in america and its states on may 26 in honor of these american shoulders who died in military services for their country and they day is honored for all those and their families.All around the country the people love to celebrate this day.people believe that the they never died and they will always remained in our hearts.Here Below are some of the best collections of the quotes and memorial day pictures for you people.You can download and can get full inspiration from them and have happy memorial day 2014.

History of full of many big events.We should enjoy the big events of our life.We should also need to give respect to those big events in life which may brings tears in our life.The world every year celebrates many big events .Some events are the happy events and some events are the sad events of life.Some bring happiness in our life and some teaches us and remind us someone who lost us in the past year we should respect each day of past according to the requirements of it.Memorial day is one of the biggest event which is celebrated all around the world.

Ceremonies Are important

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Best celebration

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