smiley face

Smileys are also known with the name “Emoticons”. There are many different types of these emoticons like angry face, happy face, sad face, naughty smiley faces etc. These smileys are used to depict expressions, emotions, feelings or mood etc. Some people use these to show their mood while some to show their feeling. In past these smileys were simple but now with the passage of time, many different colorful and graphical representations of these smileys are introduced.

With fast and advanced growing technologies, many social networking sites Facebook, Twitter and Skype etc are being introduced which are providing facilities to use these smileys in chat applications. It is essential part of every mobile messaging application, every chat application. Now every telecommunication companies are using these emoticons. It has become trend using these smileys in messaging. When people have to show happiness and sadness, they simply write message and put these emoticons according to their mood.But now smiley faces are so much in use that when we have to express any feeling we do not write any thing, we just put these particular icons according to our emotions. These smiley faces or emoticons have made our way of chatting and messaging more convenient that instead of typing any message, we prefer to use smileys. Here is the nice collection of funny and naughty smiley faces.

1Smiley Face




  1. met them and started texting them. If you get a smiley face after every second message, or every time they say something nice, then it’s a pretty good sign you’re in there. Be wary of this though, some people use these things like commas, so they mean nothing at all. Are you in there??????????