A candle is a wax stick that is used to produce light, heat or sometimes it is used to keep track of time. Some candles also provide fragrance. The history of candles goes back to 1929. Nowadays, due to other methods of produce light or heat. They are also used to make a birthday wishes. The birthday person blows out the candles on their birthday cake to make a wish come true. Candle lights are mostly used as a romantic asset.  They are used as a decoration on a romantic event, since it increases the romance. Even a small flame of candle can cast away the darkness .The beautiful dull light of candles are beautiful and soothing. The dim light of candles make the air more romantic .These lights create an erotic aura around the place. This aura brings lovers even closer.

 The candle light is one of the favorite topics among the poets and literalists due to its romantic ability. Romantic candle lights exhale a sensual scent and create a magical mood.  . There are many traditions related to romantic candle lights such as “The Celebration of Chanukah”. Also there are many movies written made about the romance of candles, such as “Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club and Pretty in Pink”. All these movies follow the same concept of beautiful erotic romance of candle lights. These candle lights create a perfect illumination that makes the romantic moment an eternity. A candle’s romantic flame dances up in the air making the lover’s hearts become together.

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