The heart is a symbol of love, soul, strength, awareness and energy. Everyone expresses their feelings of love by using hearts because we feel like our emotions stem from our heart. The heart breaks when something bad happens to you. It does not only reflect you failing in pursuit of your love or you cannot be with your lover or your lover has died, but also when your high hopes and dreams break. When your wishes crash and burn, or the things you love most are lost. So, heartbreak doesn’t only happen once in life. Heartbreak occurs when the person whom you love the most and who made your life complete is gone and leaves nothing but the memories, and when you see them you cannot do anything. When you care about someone so much and you can’t live without them, when they are gone you feel a pain, and that pain truly hurts you from the insides. However, as it was said by Oscar Wilde: THE HEART WAS MADE TO BE BROKEN.

It’s also difficult for you to sleep because you are alone at night, and that’s when you miss the best parts and moments of your life that you have spent with your lover. Finally, when you fall asleep you do not want to wake up because you are getting everything that you want in your dreams and you think that dreams are better than reality. Here are 25 Sad Broken Heart Pictures to share with your friends and family:

25Cute Broken Heart




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