Here we present our collection of funny love pictures. Love is bond made of trust, sacrifice, devotion, care, attention. Love is a feeling that make its own way to the heart. Love has a power to transform a rude person into a gallant one. It can make someone very polite and courteous. True love is a gift but it is easy to get, but it can be found. But you have to fight for it. And there is no replacement for it. As truly said.

True Love isn’t easy, but it must be fought for. Because once you find it, it can never be replaced.

Sometime love is not easy to found. It needs sacrifice and devotion. Sometimes love happens only from one side, which is called one sided love. To make love mutual, it need efforts and struggles and all efforts made should be fair. It is said that “Everything is fair in Love and War”, but instead it should like “Everything should be done fairly in Love”. Because no one wants to see the loved one in pain and discomfort.

Love is the thing that makes a person loveable to almost everything. The person who found such a precious thing, he started to feel like he is in heaven. He starts to love everything he sees. Love is also full of pleasing and funny moments, that make a person very pleasing. Here are some of the funny love pictures that the cuteness, naughtiness, innocence of love. Have a look at it and giggle about it. Also share it with your friend and the one who deserve it.

Enough talking, here’s the funny love pictures gallery:

26Love Is…