Death is bitter reality. Everyone has to face the reality of death. Everyone has to suffer from it. Whether you are a small children, a young person or an adult you will have to suffer it. No one can deny that one has to leave this world one day. When someone dies there is funeral everywhere. Relatives become sad. People cry. We should also remember that after this life of world there is another life waiting for us. We should do good deeds in this life so that we may be successful in coming life. We should care each other. Help the needy and poor people. Brave people suffer death only once in their life. William Shakespeare said about death as:

Cowards die many times before their deaths. The valiant never taste of death but once.

It is the system of this universe that everyone will have to leave this world. When someone dies you feel sad and cry for the death of your loved one, remember time that you spend with but with time you learn to live without that person. At the end you had only memories of that person. Here are 25 poems about death which show the feelings of a person who has lost someone to whom he had great love.

25Poem About Death