As we know Love is most important things in everyone’s lives. Everyone have different feelings of love. Love is not always romantic and serious. Someone loves to his family. Someone loves to his sweetheart. Someone loves to the things that he like the most. Someone loves to his ambitions. So different types of love and different types of feelings.

Everyone wants happiness in their lives. Life is too serious. Ups and downs always comes in life. So a little bit humor can bring a lot of happiness for a moment that will never forgettable. Funny love means to show your love in humorous way. To express your feelings of love in such a way that makes the person whom you love happy.

Funny love can also use to change the mood of a person even he is disappointed. You can use funny love quotes and funny love sayings to express and show your feelings of love that can make laugh and forget the worries. Funny love quotes also ease some tensions.

The Following are the best collection funny love quotes that you can share with your friends and family and other people.