An eye is an important organ of human body.It provides us vision.It is the most sensitive part of body.Most people considers eye a source of attraction.It enhances the beauty and give proper shape to our face.It is eye which helps us to observe things in our surroundings.Eye makes us to recognize others.Many people judge the beauty of other humans by their eyes.A great philosopher said that love is that beautiful forest where brave lions are killed by the attractive eyes of beautiful deer.So eye also has a great connection with love.Albert Einstein has rightly said

“Few are those who see with their own eyes and feel with their own hearts.”

Different colours of eye exist.Black colour is most common.Different types of lens are also available to make eyes lovely and charming.Some people say that eyes speak words which lips cannot.Eyes express feelings.We can judge others emotion easily with it.When a person is sad his eyes  become wet with tears.Similar when someone is in good mood then happiness can easily be seen.If a person is afraid of something then fear can easily be predicted by looking at his eyes.Thus eyes are a great source of communication.Here are 25+ Charming Eye Quotes.

25A Girls Eye