quotes about loneliness

Going through ups and downs of life ,we have to face different challenges.Sometimes we face difficulties easily.Sometime we fail to do so.When a person is sad then he does not like any thing.He wants to move to some place where no one can interrupt.He tries to find solitude and loneliness.When a person is alone he can not share his feelings with anyone.There can be many reasons due to which someone can become lonely.If someone is hurt then he loses hope.He tries to spend time far from his surroundings.So he tries to find a  lonely place.Similarly a person becomes depressed when he is not able to face hurdles of life.As a result he loses trust in himself and becomes alone.One can also want to be alone if he wants to get rid from bad company.So there are different perspectives to choose this stage.Elizabeth Gilbert once said

“Sometimes life is too hard to be alone, and sometimes life is too good to be alone.”

A person who lives alone,sometimes,has to suffer from difficult situations.A lonely person has no company.His life become difficult as he does not find anyone to share his feelings with.Alone quotes are very important to develop awareness among people.Quotes help them realize what were the reasons which made them lonely.Here are 25+ nice collection of sad alone quotes.

25Standing Alone