When everything goes perfect in life we thought that we are the happiest person of the world and we do not thing for those who are poor and for those whose life is not good for them.Life teaches us many lessons so we should learn from them.We need to focus on other problems as well.We should try to solve other problems in we want to live a happy and healthy life.Life is all about helping and motivating others.We should try to motivate others and gives good inspirations to others so that they may able to live a happy and cool life and in return they will surely pray for you.

There are many ways of bringing happiness in your life.First of all try to love yourself and then try to love others your family should be most important for you in all aspects so try to love them as well.. There are many poems, picture, quotations and songs that mention and express the feelings of love. The following are the different quotes about life that you can share with your friends, family and other people.Also Inspires your lovers and those people who are not happy with life.These are real inspirational quotes

1Harder Before It Get Easier