It is said that Black Color is a sign of Power, Strength and Authority. And that’s the reason in most of the movies the villain and evil characters are considered to wear black colored outfits. But in different regions black has its own interpretation to the people. In China, Black is color is connected with the water, north and winter. It is also a traditional clothing color for boys. In most of the areas like Spain, Italy and Mexico, widows use to wear black for the rest of life. This color is also associated with the mourning. Some people also has a black signature color. Johnny Cash was known as ‘The Man in Black’, Roy Orbison used to wear black sunglasses, and Kiss (Rock Band) used to wear black outfits with black wings and painted face.

Black Color has its own impact on the people. Some people who are so much into the computer and laptop, they use to set their wallpaper as black wallpaper. These wallpapers contains the different arts and scenes that find very pleasing to eye. Some are abstract, some are 3D, some are sketches, and some are from the natures. Mostly black wallpapers are from famous movies, games and their trademarks. So, I have tried to collect some black wallpapers, I hope you will like it.

Here are 25+ Murky Black Wallpaper, watch these and remember to comment:
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28Black Boxes Wallpaper